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Runner 5, checking in again. Think I slept the clock around after that last one.

You see, they were raising the gates for Runner 2, and, well... they got stuck. Open. Panic and calamity ensued.

Woke out of a sound sleep, got chivied into my togs, and given a... technological thing to strap to my back. As gunfire trickled out of the gates at every Shambler in sight, we Runners were given a task: Lure the damn things away until they could close the gate! Guess the packs were full of some sort of noisemaker that keeps 'em interested. Just what I needed...

Runner 8, Sara Smith, and I shuffled off in the same vague direction, and she nabbed onto me as a guide cum minder. She doesn't seem to trust me, something about it being "too convenient" that I survived the crash of Alpha Five Niner. Given she was the one with the hand cannon keeping the fastest Shamblers off our backs, I decided to let her vent her suspicions and keep my mouth shut.

Seems to have paid off. Once she turned our transmitter back on, Sam up in the tower informed us that the only direction AWAY from the zombies was North. Right smack dab into New Kent's fire zone, in fact. 8 growled something about payback for the Kentians having trained a fair sizable mob onto the last Able humvee that was running a while back. Again, paranoid with the hacking cough + only gun = lack of argument from me. It worked, more or less, though I can still feel the whisk of the sentry's automatic fire whizzing by as the warning shots came down. Agghhhh.

Eight seemed to warm up to me after that, and Sam let us know if we could lose whatever we attracted on the way back, things ought to be fixed by the time we hit Abel again. About damn time, and we could turn off the damn noisemakers too. Hit me right in the auditory crannies, those warbles did. Guess that's how they keep the Shamblers after you.

Stumbled in exhausted but whole, no thanks to Runner 8 and her chest cold. managed to grab a handful of batteries, some books and such, a little food even with all the crazy and hurry. Sam said something about resting up, there were reports of someone's kid missing out beyond the fence somewhere...

[ran another 3.22 miles, over 35:43 minutes. that's an 11:04 pace, down a little bit from Mission 2. 9.78 miles total]


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