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They're pushing me to run more often, but this time Able has good reason. Sentries spotted a little girl wandering out there on her own. Doesn't seem to be bitten, as kids tend to turn faster than adults. Looks like the sad story we're seeing (thankfully) less and less often. Parent with small child has to protect child from Shambling Hordes, gets bitten in escape. parent does what they can to get child started toward safety, then runs the hell as far away in the other direction as they can. No one wants to think about those who don't run far enough, or soon enough.

Got out there and found poor Molly Moppet (nee Harrison, as it turns out) with some guidance from Our ever-dependable Sam Yao. Just in time for her da, Ed to come gunning up on some imported Ami motorbike... and run out of gas. Bad timing, but Ed knew of an un-emptied petrol pump somewhat nearby. told his story as we trotted. Got caught by a pack of Shamblers while after a bagful of birds for the pot, ended up holed up for most of a week in a stone farmhouse before he could get back. By then, his wife, Bianca, had grabbed what she could carry along with Molly and legged it for Able. Better than New Canton, we both agreed. We know pretty much how that turned out for her...

Load of running, three jerry cans of fuel (two of which we got back to Able, plus the bike), and a diversion later... we're up one mechanic, a really good feeling, and a stuffed rabbit for population. Shame about Bianca, though. I think another family around here, especially with Molly Moppet would really perk up our spirits.

Another thing of interest: Ed says he'd seen some fellows, military-minded sorts in blue uniforms, camping by the fuel depot he knew about. Funny thing, we found a spent rocket launcher while we were cutting through the convenience store to grab the fuel cans...

[33:50 minutes, 3.2 miles, 10:34 min/mile, 12.92 miles total)
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