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So, I just finished reading a Thing, and I need to talk about it a bit.

For, like all Proper Things, it made me think, it made me wonder, it made me grow.

A bit of preface:

Patrick Rothfuss is the type of author that gets into your head spaces, plonks down and armchair, and makes himself comfortable. The first two volumes of his Kingkiller Chronicles get pulled of my shelf at least twice a year. They are that good, read in and read out, and I'm (only somewhat) patiently waiting for the next.

This is only tangentially about those books.

Under the University where Kvothe, the Kingkiller Chronicled so ably, learns Sympathy and Naming, in the deep Lost places, there is a girl. A broken thing, surviving somehow on what she herself learned at the University and the kindness of the musically inclined redhead.

She is broken so deeply she does not remember her name... And one gets the feeling that her healing begins when Kvothe giver her one.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Auri.

A small and shy thing, with a halo of hair to rival the shine of the moon through thin cloud... She is weirdly wise beyond her apparent years, and rich in her own way: the treasures of the Lost places, the Slow Regard of Silent Things.

The best way I can describe this interstitial novella is as a third person look out of her eyes, a vision of how she sees the world. A view of all things on their place, each as she sees their nature and as it fits into the whole of Mantle and Port, Rubric, The Yellow Twelve, Withy, Darkhouse, and the myriad chambers of the Underthing that make up her world.

Auri is broken. She knows she is so, and has made for herself a place where she is needed. Where things make sense, and where she is content.

I cannot help but ramble, because that seems to be a part of keeping this windowed moment of seeing Auri's Underthing alive.

Find the window. Look, see the shapes of the secrets and mysteries that Auri lives beside and among.

Think. Wonder. Grow.
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