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The world has gone to white. Like, a foot+ of snow. Damn, That's Cold.

It's nice because work is slow, but the attendant OTHER problematics are REALLY getting to me. Ce'est la vie, I suppose.

I attended my Sister's wedding on 2/20. Family, close friends, and a few pets. Something to be said for that scale accompanying a civil ceremony. And I got to skillfully maneuver $1000 of digital camera and specialty lenses throughout. Hopefully Mom will send me a few here soon so I can impress you all.

Other than that, life is settling back to normal (now with more stuff). I'll let all y'all know if that changes.
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Even after watching [ profile] arsvulpes whine his way through it last year, I signed up for NaNoWriMo. Oh, well. At least my insanity will have company...Hey, [ profile] maxmelig too?

It that light: A POLL! *shock and awe!* Only took me ten months to find a sufficiently important question...

[Poll #837273]

Sad News

Jun. 28th, 2006 12:08 am
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My Great-Uncle Ben Buelt died last night. Services this weekend. Damn.

Additional: Writer's challenge form [ profile] ladylight posted over at [ profile] leastcakeserver.
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Damn, I just can't catch a break, computing-wise. Mom volunteered to let me install some games for when I'm over here doing laundry. Go mom. Problem is, she's not having a tower dedicated to Video game Enjoyment. No mater what I try, I keep running into one of two choke points: RAM or Video Card. *sigh* I suppose that I'll have to make do with Diablo II as the best I can manage...
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Gave Mom her Mother's Day present tonight. Yes, I KNOW it's not Mother's Day. I told her, back on the Day in question, that I'd take her to a movie that both of us would enjoy. She chose The DaVinchi Code. Having read the book and gathered acceptable reviews from the peers (thanks Joe & Karen!), I accepted. Well chosen, Mother. Highly enjoyable film all around, with applaudable performances from Hanks and McKellen, and a nice slew of quietly recognizable actors/actresses. Go see, if your faith is strong, or credulity well exercised lol.
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A Slightly Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [ profile] rachelleigh! She's finally 18, so I feel no remorse whatsoever about declaring that if I were local to her, I'd take her for a night of Celebratory Dancing! *muah*


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