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Well, Folks, it's been almost 14 years, but I think this platform and I need to part ways.

All is not lost, however. come find me on dreamwidth ( ) where I'm hoping to start posting writing and things again.

Not farewell, but only "See you soon"


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Haven't posted here much of late. Haven't READ here much of late.

So here's a picture of my Dystopia Rising character as a dog to get you curious about my Zombie!Cation weekends and to remind me to write more.
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One by one, the days behind me are darker and darker as I pull myself step by step into a new light.

THere have been a lot of things changing, large and small, and It's been hard to communicate about them.

But I'll get there.

"Never give up! Never Surrender!" - Commander Taggart, Galaxy Quest
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So, I just finished reading a Thing, and I need to talk about it a bit.

For, like all Proper Things, it made me think, it made me wonder, it made me grow.

A bit of preface:

Patrick Rothfuss is the type of author that gets into your head spaces, plonks down and armchair, and makes himself comfortable. The first two volumes of his Kingkiller Chronicles get pulled of my shelf at least twice a year. They are that good, read in and read out, and I'm (only somewhat) patiently waiting for the next.

This is only tangentially about those books.

Under the University where Kvothe, the Kingkiller Chronicled so ably, learns Sympathy and Naming, in the deep Lost places, there is a girl. A broken thing, surviving somehow on what she herself learned at the University and the kindness of the musically inclined redhead.

She is broken so deeply she does not remember her name... And one gets the feeling that her healing begins when Kvothe giver her one.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Auri.

A small and shy thing, with a halo of hair to rival the shine of the moon through thin cloud... She is weirdly wise beyond her apparent years, and rich in her own way: the treasures of the Lost places, the Slow Regard of Silent Things.

The best way I can describe this interstitial novella is as a third person look out of her eyes, a vision of how she sees the world. A view of all things on their place, each as she sees their nature and as it fits into the whole of Mantle and Port, Rubric, The Yellow Twelve, Withy, Darkhouse, and the myriad chambers of the Underthing that make up her world.

Auri is broken. She knows she is so, and has made for herself a place where she is needed. Where things make sense, and where she is content.

I cannot help but ramble, because that seems to be a part of keeping this windowed moment of seeing Auri's Underthing alive.

Find the window. Look, see the shapes of the secrets and mysteries that Auri lives beside and among.

Think. Wonder. Grow.
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I think I just killed the best thing I have ever had.

If I'm the juckiest little shit ever, It's on life support.

I'm pretty sure I'm not.
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To [ profile] ursulav! YOU HAVE BEEN CHALLENGED! (just noted that you are Con-Bound in Europe... so I WILL BE PATIENT!)

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Another year, and another set of changes that I'll have to find contemplation time for.

... it's my birthday, Precious. We wants time to sleep, and many shiny things. We don't thinks we'll get them, do we Precious?
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I'm about an hour away from meeting in the flesh one of my closest Internet Confidants for the first time since we connected over a decade ago...

Where did all these butterflies come from?

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Movepocalyse has one more day before the settling in.

Seattle area peeps, please feel free to call or drop by! (Especially around 9am when we unload the truck!)

New/updated data:

19703 Sunnyside Dr N, #301
Shoreline, WA, 98133

Five one five seven zero eight four five zero four

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I'm self-sabotaging again.

Bad. Very bad.



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So, Will be hitting Seattle by August 25 at the latest. The roommate and I will be hauling the 16' Uhaul with the Prius C on a trailer almost 2000 miles.

Seattle Folks: I and my moderate truckload of things will be arriving August 24th. The Great Unloading and Rehoming will be the 25th. Any and all assistance is appreciated (and will be repaid in good Iowa beef/pork/omnomonmnom)!
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So, I got married just a few weeks ago.

With the impending move to the Pacific NW, we decided to put off a big honeymoon.

Just last night, I had a BRILLIANT idea for our destination:


Well, we've been crunching the numbers and making plans... and we can't quite do it. So we found a way to ask for YOUR help making our trip memorable.
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Finally warmed up enough to start running again, and now we have a new season of adventures in Zombies, Run to look forward to. Since we didn't finish the first season due to injury and life schedule shifts, we're starting over.

We've been here before, haven't we? )
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I got there first! I clam this land in the name of... STORY, SILLY, and NELSON LAUGHS!
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Poppie had a heart attack at the Kiwanis convention in New Orleans the other night. Intervention of a trained bystander got him alive to the ER, and he's currently stable.

The panic, however, is thriving madly in my hind brain.

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Headed to Ledges park to drink beer and light fire with my girl, Jed, RE, and Big Gay Mike. GREAT Friday night relaxation idea!

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They're pushing me to run more often, but this time Able has good reason. Sentries spotted a little girl wandering out there on her own. Doesn't seem to be bitten, as kids tend to turn faster than adults. Looks like the sad story we're seeing (thankfully) less and less often. Parent with small child has to protect child from Shambling Hordes, gets bitten in escape. parent does what they can to get child started toward safety, then runs the hell as far away in the other direction as they can. No one wants to think about those who don't run far enough, or soon enough.

Got out there and found poor Molly Moppet (nee Harrison, as it turns out) with some guidance from Our ever-dependable Sam Yao. Just in time for her da, Ed to come gunning up on some imported Ami motorbike... and run out of gas. Bad timing, but Ed knew of an un-emptied petrol pump somewhat nearby. told his story as we trotted. Got caught by a pack of Shamblers while after a bagful of birds for the pot, ended up holed up for most of a week in a stone farmhouse before he could get back. By then, his wife, Bianca, had grabbed what she could carry along with Molly and legged it for Able. Better than New Canton, we both agreed. We know pretty much how that turned out for her...

Load of running, three jerry cans of fuel (two of which we got back to Able, plus the bike), and a diversion later... we're up one mechanic, a really good feeling, and a stuffed rabbit for population. Shame about Bianca, though. I think another family around here, especially with Molly Moppet would really perk up our spirits.

Another thing of interest: Ed says he'd seen some fellows, military-minded sorts in blue uniforms, camping by the fuel depot he knew about. Funny thing, we found a spent rocket launcher while we were cutting through the convenience store to grab the fuel cans...

[33:50 minutes, 3.2 miles, 10:34 min/mile, 12.92 miles total)
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Runner 5, checking in again. Think I slept the clock around after that last one.

You see, they were raising the gates for Runner 2... )

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Picked up a new exercise app recently that I'm enjoying heavily. Go check it out!

Just to give you a feel (and because WritingBrain demands it), Runner 5 will be leaving musings and reports after runs.

They didn't tell me much more than where I was going... )

Introductions, and the Grand Tour. )

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